Monday, 30 September 2013

Atlantis - hit or myth?

It may take a while to reach foreign shores but, here in Blighty, the first episode of the BBC's new fantasy series Atlantis aired at the weekend. It was trumpeted as having been made by the same team behind Merlin, a series which was an international hit for the Beeb but which, for me, never quite managed to decide whether it was meant for adults or children. Would Atlantis have a clearer idea of its target audience?

BBC show Atlantis starring Jack Donnelly and Mark Addy from Game of Thrones and The Full Monty
A classic in the making? Or an epic fail?

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - far from super

Just a few days after it aired in the US, we here in dear ol' Blighty got to see the pilot episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD for ourselves last night. So, what did we think of it on this side of the Pond?

Well, as far as this particular Brit is concerned, it was ... ordinary. For those of us of a geeky disposition, there was nothing so bad that you'd feel compelled to reach for the remote but, for anyone not already versed in the world of Marvel comics, there was nothing to make you want to continue watching the next episode either.

Marvel comics' TV show movie spin-off
Even Marvel realised an apostrophe-'s' would spoil their logo.

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