Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Shades – Volume 1: now at comicsy!

Already available through US indy comic retailer, Shades Volume 1 is now available to order through a UK site,

This is great news for readers in the UK and elsewhere in Europe! IndyPlanet has long provided a fantastic service to the indy comic community but, being based in the US, those of us on the other side of the Pond can incur exorbitant US international postage costs (and all too often have to suffer interminable waits!)

Comicsy provides a UK-based online "shop window" for readers to browse, and all orders are fulfilled by the creators themselves.  And, since the creators are all British, this should mean faster delivery times and maybe even slightly cheaper prices.  Win, win!

Shades, of course, is my graphic novel which examines the many facets of the UK national character. Yeah, that sounds heavy, but don't worry - it serves it all up as an action-fuelled adventure in which a retired tailor brings together a group of quasi-historical British "superheroes" to save the nation from an insidious evil.  Trust me, it's fun!

Or, better still, don't trust me.  Go order a copy of Volume 1 through Comicsy and see for yourself!