Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tom Hanks to play Harley Quinn?

Considering the versatility that Tom Hanks has demonstrated in his many roles over the past three decades, it is perhaps surprising that he hasn't yet donned a mask and tights and graced the big screen as a superhero, especially given the plethora of Marvel and DC films which have been jostling for our attention in recent years.

Tom Hanks wants a film that pits him against the Bat.
Dare we suggest A [Justice] League of Their Own?
With his impressive pedigree, you could be forgiven for thinking that the reason might be that Hanks considers a role in a big budget, costumed, popcorn extravaganza as beneath him. Not so, apparently. The real reason he's not been seen leaping buildings in a single-bound is, as he disclosed in a recent interview with The Showbiz 411, is that he's never been asked. In fact, he so much wants to be cast in a super-powered blockbuster, he'd even consider playing the villain!

Want to know which villains he could have been in the running for? Read the full, shocking details here!

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