Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Shades - death and the maiden!

Oh, look. It's another page from my online graphic novel Shades. Just click on the image below to see the full size version!
I think earlier entries in this blog have introduced you to all these characters already. For those in need of a quick refresher, however: The girl is a psychic teenager called Becky Allen. In the second panel, she is about to be sacrificed (for reasons you'll really have to read the full comic to understand!) Her spirit, meanwhile, is trapped in the spirit world. That's it there, in Panels 2 and 4. The naked character sporting tattoos and fighting a nasty green monster-thingy is the spirit of a prehistoric mystic known as "the Shaman". He's fighting to save poor Becky. Oh, and the nasty green monster-thingy is a spirit known as a "Lure". See - that wasn't so hard to understand, was it?!

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