Thursday, 1 April 2010

Shades - sneak peek!

I've been serialising my graphic novel Shades on the Worldwide WonderWeb for a good few years now but, as it draws to an end, I'm having to give more and more thought to how I'm going to get this thing into print. At present, I'm planning two volumes: one with all the chapters drawn by Harsho Chattoraj and one with those by E.C. Nickel and Muamal Khairi.

This is a reduced size version of the design for the cover of Volume 2. To see the full size version, just click on the image. Pencils, inks and colours are all by E.C. Nickel (and don't they look marvellous?!)


  1. I'm looking forward to both! Mixed emotions knowing the comic is coming to an end but VERY EXCITING too! Keep me some autographed ones on the side ;)

    Do you have something else planned after Shades? More focus on Spires? Or another comic?

    And a HUGE congratulations on completing it! I know how awesome it feels ^_^ In fact it still feels so complete I have trouble working on the continuation because I keep thinking I finished haha

  2. Yes, I have mixed emotions, too! So much time and energy has gone into completing Shades that it seems strange to think it's all over. Of course I'd still like to find a publisher and, when I think of that, I realise that the hard part is just beginning!

    As for other projects, for the last couple of years I've had to put on ice the two I had already running. If the art team is still willing though, I'd like to get The Spires back on track and maybe find a new artist for Hunted. I'm not sure if any of that will be possible, but I hope so.

    Apart from those two, Nickel and I have been discussing a couple of entirely new projects. I can't say much about those (still in the very early planning stages!) but - if they do happen - they could be epic!

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  4. Had an error when I submitted the post and I guess it doubled the post

  5. I do intend to use Ka-Blam for Shades. Even with their reduced rates, however, PoD makes a full length, full colour GN quite expensive for the end buyer, so I'd hope to find a "traditional" print publisher later.

    As for Hunted, yes, I'd like to finish it. It was going to be a four-issue mini-series which I could then pull together into a single graphic novel. I have three issues fully scripted and a rough draft of the final part.

    The problem I have is that the artist (Kyriacos Kyprianou) had to leave the project after only one issue. Now, even at the best of times, it's pretty difficult to find an artist who is good, reliable AND has a style which suits the particular story. In this case, I have an additional hurdle in that Kyri brought such a distinctive style to Hunted that finding someone whose style would fit with that may well be impossible!

  6. The cover artwork looks great, I can't wait to hold the finished product in my hands! (And I'm fully willing to pay ka-blam's prices :P)

  7. Heh - it'll happen eventually. Be patient! ;-)