Monday, 8 March 2010

DC Comics Super Hero Collection - Poison Ivy

We featured Harley in an earlier post, so it seems only fair that the second figurine that we're highlighting from the DC Comics Super Hero Collection should be her gal pal Poison Ivy.

As you can see from the image there, the Poison Ivy figurine is absolutely stunning. Whether you like the character or not, it's hard not to agree that this may well be one of the best figurines that Eaglemoss has created for this collection!

So, what of the character? For me, Ivy is one of those characters who seems to fare better outside the comics than in (Uma Thurman's dreadful movie outing excepted, of course!) As far as her "official" character is concerned, Ivy is essentially a classic 1940s femme fatale. Despite being as much plant as human, she's bad to the bone (or sap?) and, thanks to a certain type of plant spore she is able to produce, she can make herself irresistible to any man. Her kiss, of course, is deadly. So far, so Lauren Bacall.

Away from the twisted labyrinth of DC continuity, however, she's often far more interesting. Her persona in the various Batman animated series is far more openly hostile and deranged. This makes sense to me. She has, after all, been quite literally dehumanised. And yet, whenever there is talk of her appearing in a Batman movie, the possible casting choices always gravitate towards the latest up and coming, sultry Hollywood sex symbol. Why? The character is a plant, for Heaven's sake! Forget about making her yet another stereotypical seductress!

It seems to me that both movie and comics writers would do well to focus on reinventing Ivy as a character totally detached from all human emotion. Cast a Summer Glau or a Christina Ricci and make her unfeeling, irrational, quirky, cranky and tenacious. Deadly, yes - but, like a force of nature, in a way that can crush the life out of a man, and with a touch that can make him writhe in agony. There are plenty of other "traditional" femmes fatales in the DCU. Would anyone really mind if one was removed in order to make Ivy more true to her ... roots?

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