Wednesday, 3 March 2010

DC Comics Super Hero Collection - Harley Quinn

Surprisingly enough, I don't buy much in the way of comics merchandise or - to be totally honest - even in the way of comics. As much as I love the potential of the medium, so much of the mainstream comics output is badly written that I don't rate it any higher than a movie by Uwe Boll or a novel by Dan Brown. I have, however, become smitten with the figurines in the DC Comics Super Hero Collection made by Eaglemoss.

This figure of Harley Quinn is the latest to be added to my collection. Harley is one of the many DC heroines that I don't feel has ever been treated well by her writers. I believe I'm right in saying she was originally created for one of the animated Batman series and, the way she's been written ever since ... it really shows!

This woman should be psychotic. Evil. Every bit as bloodthirsty and malicious as the Joker: the Bonnie to his Clyde. Why else would he want her hanging around? Harley could be a great addition to the Bat-universe but, all too often, she's relegated to the role of slapstick comic relief or frivolous sex symbol.

Anyway, back to the Eaglemoss figurine: the glossy but sadly superficial booklets that come with the figurines are not especially informative. Rather than drawing on the rich history of its characters' development since the 1930s, DC has chosen to use these books as a way to summarise only what is currently canon in each character's backstory. What this does is to highlight just how ludicrous those backstories are. Convoluted beyond reason and weighed down by the baggage of an overly strict adherence to continuity, the characters stop seeming heroic and very quickly start to appear laughable.

Still - at least by reading the magazines you can avoid having to read the comics. And, of course, the figurines themselves are just sooo cool!

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